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                  R&D Platform

                  Zhejiang Cenway Corporate Research Institute covers an area of more than 2,500 square meters, with the original value of its R&D equipment of more than 30 million yuan. The laboratories in the institute were accredited by the CNAS, and daily laboratory management is conducted in a standardized, rigorous and professional manner. With special rubber device platforms, the institute carries out the small, pilot and industrialized experiments on new isobutene cation low-temperature polymerization materials. With the “customer value-driven and application scenario-supported” market orientation, the institute has set up a triune evaluation system for new products, new applications and new techniques. Following the principle of “would rather die on the journey towards innovation than survive by consuming stocks”, the institute strives for the continuous progress of corporate research and development.

                  • Cation polymerization
                    pilot experiment platform


                  • Area of the research and
                    development site


                  • Original value of special
                    R&D equipment

                    30Million yuan

                  Innovation Achievements

                  Cenway has undertaken one national R&D project, two provincial-level R&D projects, the R&D of national key new products, and other key R&D tasks. It was listed among the fifth batch of champion demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and won the second prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Zhejiang Province, the first prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiaxing City, the third prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiaxing City and other honors. Besides, its halogenated butyl rubber won the title of “Jiaxing brand-name product”.

                  • 12


                  • 8

                    utility mode

                  • 21

                    patents are
                    under review


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